About project

Objectives: Mining and urban environment

Research topics of the NEX-EL project focusing on mining and urban environments.

How much emissions reduce along with electrification?

Harmfulness of non-exhaust emissions, source-identification, air quality model?

Prevention possibilities?
Materials, filters, operations, etc.


  • Mining activies and resulting non-exhaust (real environment measurements)
  • Air filtration of cabin (simulation)
  • Effect of electrification (real environment)
  • Air quality instrumentation and sensors (laboratory + real environment)

Urban environment

  • Brake dust and affecting factors (laboratory)
  • Tire wear (laboratory measurement)

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Project needs


  • Electrification is advancing in mining and traffic, and role of non-exhaust emissions increases when exhaust emissions decrease.
  • The project helps industry and companies to minimize non-exhaust emissions from mines and roads; enable sustainable operations and supports development of new products.


  • Reducing adverse health effects of non-exhaust emissions on workers in mines and citizens in urban areas will increase their healthy living years.


  • Finnish companies are investing on electrification and need solutions to secure overall do-no-significant-harm principles, and to meet anticipated standards for air quality, emissions and non-exhaust emissions.
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