Work plan


WP1 Non-exhaust emissions and measurement methods

T1.1 Review of non-exhaust emissions, measurement techniques and standards

T1.2 Proposal for tracer/fingerprint compounds and measurement techniques for non-exhaust emissions

WP4 Brake and tire emissions

T4.1 Brake emissions in laboratory and effect of brake materials

T4.2 Intelligent tires and tire emissions

T4.3 Brake and tire emissions in real traffic conditions


WP2 Non-exhaust emissions and air quality in mining

T2.1 Emission and air quality in a mine

T2.2 Emissions from explosives

T2.3 Air quality instruments in mining environment

T2.3 Emission reduction potential with electrification and filtration

WP3 Towards digital twin of mine air quality

T3.1 Air quality modelling in mines

T3.2 Air quality information in digital twin


WP5 Non-exhaust emissions in urban environment

T5.1 Role of non-exhaust emissions in urban environments

T5.2 Comparison of air quality monitoring methods

WP6 Management, collaboration, dissemination

T6.1 Project management
T6.2 National co-operation
T6.3 International collaboration

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